The Axelrod Group has been managing and executing industrial projects since 2008.

Fields of Expertise:

  • Planning of industrial piping in a variety of fields.
  • Systems installation in the chemical industry, the electronic industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry.
  • Specialization in clean-room construction.
  • Installation of complex air conditioning systems (S.C pipes, S.S pipes, copper pipes).
  • Manufacturing and assembling constructions.
  • Installation of unique and complex industrial equipment, according to customer needs.

The company is ISO-9001 Certified and is also registered with the Registrar of Contractors as a “Registered Contractor”.

Today, the Group has evolved to developing Turn Key projects — from soil to key.

The Group employs professional and experts who have many years of experience in the industry.

Alex Axelrod, the company’s founder and owner, has over 30 years of experience in the company’s fields of activity, including 17 years as an employee in various positions (plumber, a registered Foreman in the Ministry of Labor and more…) in leading industrial factories in Israel.

The Group’s activity has developed over the past few years beyond Israel’s borders, and projects are also being carried out in countries in Central Africa, cooperation and manufacturing in China and Germany, and construction consultation in Turkey.

In addition to its extensive experience, the company has nurtured and maintained its long-term work relations with most of the leading industrial bodies, many of whom are among the company’s clients.

The Axelrod Group currently concentrates its efforts on expanding its activity in the institutional market and with the leading industrial companies, international projects while emphasizing quality and availability of the various services it provides at competitive prices.